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Follow Media is a digital marketing firm that provides content marketing, digital marketing, and lead generation services for mid-market companies. The content we create focuses on engagement and lead generation. Our sole goal for our clients is to enhance their brand, drive traffic, and increase revenues. We handle everything from content creation to the distribution of the content and then the nurturing of the leads generated by the content.


Our tactics create reliable and replicable lead generation and conversion tactics for business-to-business focused companies. Our work is shared more socially, valued more by Google, and produces better results than anything else in the industry. “The best people and best products, producing the best results for our clients.”

Our Team

Marc Webb

A computer savant whose love for stats, numbers and strategy is unmatched.  Numbers tell the real picture.   


Always up on what's trending around the globe and connected at all times Marc's famous saying is all you need is love...and wifi. 


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Tel: 801.810.6272

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